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SIDEWALK Realty offers full-service Property Management Solutions for Rental Buildings throughout NYC. We tailor our innovative approach to best meet the needs of property owners, maintaining a high standard of efficiency, simplicity and excellent customer service.


Operation and Maintenance

We emphasize preventative maintenance with a focus on maximizing value for the landlord. We place a premium on excellent customer service, effectively addressing potential issues with prompt response times for the tenant.


Comprehensive SLA with Competitive Pricing

-Customized Management Plans for Co-ops, Condos & Rental Buildings


-Building Maintenance

-Coordinating seamless and efficient building operations

-Bookkeeping and financial reporting

-Innovative solutions and quality results at a great price

-Protecting your investment and maximizing its potential



It is our mission to help you enjoy your investment without the prerequisite hassles that often accompany owning and renting real estate. We would love to work with you on developing the best strategy for your properties. Feel free to email or call us at your nearest convenience and we can discuss your project.